Anadarko Discovers Oil Offshore Mozambique

The Ironclad-1 well has encountered oil, penetrating 673 feet (205 meters) of targeted Cretaceous age sediments in two distinct fan lobes, and 125 feet (38 meters) of net oil and gas in saturated sands in the upper fan lobe. The presence of oil in the well has been confirmed by geochemical analysis of rotary side wall cores taken from the well bore. Significant gas shows were also present throughout the drilling of the Cretaceous section. Since an oil and gas column was confirmed, future geological analysis of the fans will focus on delineating sections predicted to have good parameters in terms of porosity and permeability in order to support commercial exploitation. Drilled by the Belford Dolphin, the Ironclad well is located in Area 1 offshore Mozambique, about 68 miles (110 kilometers) south of the Windjammer gas discovery well.

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