Samson O&G Completes Drilling at Rodney Well

Samson O&G advised that the Rodney #1-14H reached a total depth of 17,222 feet measured depth on August 11th. The hole was then cleaned and prepared to run the horizontal completion. While running the final completion in the hole, the 4.5" liner packer prematurely set approximately 1,300 feet short of its planned running depth. Therefore, the final 1,300 feet will be hydraulically fractured out the end of the liner, while the remaining 4,300 feet will be hydraulically fractured as planned with 15 stages, similar to the Gene well.

The well was planned to be fracced with 20 stages (not 35 as previously reported). While the liner did not reach the end of the well, Samson expects that the well has not been seriously compromised in any way and fully expects a successful completion.

The Rodney #1-14H well is located in Township 154N, Range 99W, Section 14 in Williams County, North Dakota.