PetroChina Resumes Production at Liaohe Wells after Flooding

BEIJING (Dow Jones Newswires), Aug. 13, 2010

PetroChina has resumed production at about 12% of the wells in its Liaohe oil field that were shut down in past weeks due to flooding, parent China National Petroleum Corp. said Friday in its inhouse newsletter.

By Thursday, 240 wells were back to normal production, bringing output of around 4,259 barrels a day of crude oil back online, the company said.

There had been 2,019 wells forced to shut down by Aug. 8 since heavy rainfall that began July 19, which affected 730,801 barrels of crude oil production, it said.

The Liaohe oil field, located in northeastern China's Liaoning province, annually produces around 12 million tons or 241,000 barrels a day of mostly heavy crude.

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