IGas Completes Pilot Production Well at Keele Park

IGas Energy announced the completion of drilling of the pilot production well at Keele Park. The expected sequence of coals were found to be well developed and the ensuing logs are encouraging. The well was drilled with laterals in two coal seams and the completion has been run.

The well head is in place and the rig has been demobilized. Pilot production testing equipment is on its way to site and dewatering is expected to commence in the next few days and is expected to take several months. Following completion of the de-watering a long term production test will be carried out using IGas' production testing equipment.

IGas' CEO Andrew Austin commented, "We continue to show progress in developing our resources and this pilot production site is an important step forward in demonstrating the potential of our Staffordshire acreage. We look forward to updating the market further once testing is underway. We remain on track to establish our first full UK gas production site in 2011."