Gazprom Inks Access Agreement with Paradigm

Paradigm announced the signing of a multi-year software license access agreement with Gazprom Group "Gazprom geofizika" for the software usage by Gazprom Group companies. The agreement allows the Group's enterprises to use Paradigm solutions for a broad range of subsurface E&P asset management requirements. 

Gazprom will deploy Paradigm solutions for seismic processing, interpretation, reservoir characterization and modeling. Paradigm will also provide training to users at Gazprom who will take advantage of the software during 2010 and beyond. Geoscientists and engineers in ten Gazprom Group enterprises will have access to Paradigm software. This will allow the company to easily deploy workflows and knowledge developed in any one of its subsidiaries at other Group enterprises. 

"Our goal is to provide Gazprom with a clear competitive advantage through the most innovative and sophisticated technology," said Mikhail Erchenkov, Paradigm Director, Sales and business development. "We look forward to further expanding our cooperation with Gazprom and to ongoing success together."