Enventure Installs 1st MonoSET OHC System in Oman

Enventure Global Technology announced the first successful commercial installation of its 8 x 9-5/8 in. MonoSET™ Openhole Clad (OHC) System. The system was installed for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) in a deviated well located in the Fahud Field to stabilize a shale section.

"This marks a significant milestone for expandable technology," said Kevin Waddell, vice president of technology and marketing for Enventure. "The MonoSET OHC system is a game-changing technology for operators facing challenging wellbores because it provides features and capabilities that were not previously available," he explained.

Enventure's MonoSET OHC system expands proprietary solid steel tubulars using a shoeless tool design for a solution that is hydro-mechanically expanded. It isolates a trouble formation in the well without anchoring back into existing casing and provides an 8-1/2 inch (215.9 mm) pass through below 9-5/8 inch (244.5 mm) casing with lengths from a single joint to over 1,000 ft.

"Most important, field testing the MonoSET OHC system's reliability has proven repeatable and consistent, and this first commercial application is a testament to that pattern," Waddell said.

PDO planned-in Enventure's MonoSET OHC system to address a challenge common to drilling through carbonate formations — trouble zones in the formation that threaten production. To mitigate these threats, an operator needs to isolate targeted sections of a wellbore and use heavier drilling muds to proceed, resulting in a more complex well environment.

"It's a significant milestone in advancing single-diameter well design," said Mark Van de Velden, senior well engineer for PDO. "And this first-time-right solution provides us with more options to address the challenges we face drilling deeper targets."

Greg Noel, Enventure commercialization manager reiterated that this was Enventure's goal. "Operators are facing greater challenges when drilling new targets. This system will be especially relevant in offshore environments because it provides a solution across only the trouble formation and does not require setting back into the previous casing string. Accomplishing this without compromising inside diameter defines it as a real step-change."

Enventure's MonoSET OHC in the Fahud Field stabilized a hole section, enabling more efficient drilling in the lower section of the well. The system's successful application provided information that can be applied to help facilitate additional deployments in future wells.