ADX Preps for Casing Offshore Tunisia

ADX reported that the 16" hole section was successfully drilled to a total depth of 1,476 meters MD at the Lambouka-1 well in the Kerkouane license offshore Tunisia. This section of the well was deepened from the originally planned 1341m in order to set casing in a competent shale formation thereby ensuring the integrity of the cement job on the 13 3/8" casing. Preparations to run the 13 3/8" casing commenced.

The presence of the above mentioned shale formation is a positive indication, as it is also required to provide a trapping mechanism for any
potential hydrocarbons which may be present in the Birsa Sandstones, which are expected to be encountered below the shale.

Weekly Operations Forecast:
Forecast operations during the coming week are as follows:

  • Set and cement 13 3/8" casing
  • Drill 12-1/4" hole to predicted base of Birsa Sandstone

Participants in the Lambouka -1 well are as follows:

  • ADX 30% Operator
  • Gulfsands Petroleum Plc 30%
  • Carnavale Resources Ltd 20%
  • XState Resources Ltd 10%
  • PharmAust Limited 10%