Wood Group Kenny to Design New UK Oil Spill Capping, Containment Solution

Oil & Gas UK, on behalf of the UK's Oil Spill Advisory Group (OSPRAG), announced that it has awarded the contract for engineering services to assess subsea capping and containment options for the UK continental shelf (UKCS) to Wood Group Kenny, following the incident in the Gulf of Mexico.

Wood Group Kenny will work closely with the OSPRAG Technical Review Group (TRG) and recommendations will be presented in September 2010. These recommendations will allow OSPRAG to make an informed decision about the potential contingency options for subsea capping and containment that should be put in place in the UK.

Brian Kinkead, Oil & Gas UK's supply chain director and leader of OSPRAG's TRG, said, "The UK oil and gas industry has successfully drilled around 7,000 wells under a robust, fit for purpose regulatory regime which is held in the highest esteem globally. However, following the Gulf of Mexico incident, we have been asked to consider additional tertiary capping and containment options. These will augment our existing, well-developed oil spill response plans which include an industry mutual agreement to respond through Oil Spill Response (OSR), which provides for surveillance aircraft, aerial dispersant application and large stocks of containment equipment.

Bob MacDonald, Wood Group Kenny's operations director, said, "Wood Group Kenny is pleased to be able to offer its expertise in the important task of augmenting the UK's capability to respond to oil spills in its particular operating environment. In light of the Gulf of Mexico incident, we are fully aware how important it is for the UK to ensure and demonstrate that it can effectively cap and contain spills in a timely manner and as a result, we will be assigning significant resources to this project."

Importantly, OSPRAG is liaising very closely with the Gulf of Mexico Joint Industry Task Force to ensure technology developments and lessons learned are shared. In addition to contact with that group in the US, the group continues to work closely with industry across Europe and other parts of the world through the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP)."