Scanmudring, Marin Group to Expand Global Operations

Scanmudring has formed a strategic alliance with the Marin Group to further expand global operations and build on an already strong reputation.

Scanmudring has signed a formal memorandum of understanding with Marin Group under which both are now supplying a range of complementary services to clients across the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors.

As part of the move, Scanmudring UK has a new base within Marin's headquarters in Ellon, near Aberdeen, from where a full service is available to mirror the existing operation provided from Mandal, Norway.

Keith Will, Scanmudring UK sales director, said, "The alliance means we can offer full-service and hire-only options direct from the UK to support our clients more effectively within targets markets across the UK Continental Shelf, West Europe, the Mediterranean, and Africa."

The company is now one of three owned by Reef Subsea, which was established in February 2010 as a joint venture between GC Rieber Shipping — one of Europe's premier offshore vessel operators — and leading energy sector private equity investor HitecVision.

For Marin Group, the alliance allows a further extension of the complementary services already offered through five affiliated companies — Marin Subsea, Marin Vortex, Marin JMS, Samson Marin, and SeaVation Underwater Excavation Ltd.

Marin Group CEO George (Boris) Stroud said, "Bringing Scanmudring's equipment and service capability under the same roof as Marin’s gives both companies a real edge — in terms of the breadth of what we can offer clients and how rapidly we can respond.

"We are looking forward to building a lasting alliance that will greatly benefit our clients and help each of us to grow."