Kirk Petrophysics Snags Storage Contract for Angola Block 31

Kirk Petrophysics has secured a major storage contract with BP Angola to support the drilling campaign in Block 31, Angola. 

Over the next 7 years, Kirk Petrophysics will handle and store samples (core, cuttings and mud) collected from approximately 40 wells.

Kirk Petrophysics, following a recent merger with StoreCore in a calculated move to enhance its value of service and further strengthen client relationships, is using its new modern facility south west of London and which successfully incorporates a diversified range of services into its original brand. 

The facility, using a unique tracking and data management system, was specially created to support client requirements and now also provides one of the largest core viewing facilities in the UK, allowing unlimited access to view over 2000ft of core at any one time. Following a visionary outlook and with a large investment allocated in the development of a specialist prospective company, Kirk Petrophysics continues to position itself as a leader in core services. 

Jean Valery Garcia, managing director of Kirk Petrophysics, said, "At the forefront of our thinking is the provision of high quality core services. There is a requirement therefore to invest in the best. The capability of our new facility in Henley Business Park, together with the spirit, enthusiasm and dedication to obtain the most useful information from core through routine and hotshot lab services, allows end users such as BP and the majority of the major and independent operators to utilize our services with confidence."