Tethys, HOPEC to Farm-In to Tajikstani Assets

Tethys has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Holding Energy Petroleum Engineering Technology (Beijing) ("HOPEC") for HOPEC to assist in introducing Tethys to Chinese State oil companies and investors to open discussions for those entities to farm-in to Tethys' assets in Tajikistan.

Tethys is currently seeking a farm-in partner for its assets in Tajikistan and currently has a data room open in London as part of the farm-out process which has generated and continues to generate much interest from various oil and gas companies - these discussions are continuing.

In order to target Chinese state oil and gas companies and investors, who have in recent years demonstrated high interest in acquiring assets in Central Asia, HOPEC has agreed to assist Tethys in the process by introducing them to several of these entities and working with Tethys on the process which would involve establishing a farm-out data room in Beijing in the near future.

Ms. Liu Yang, Chairman of the Board and CEO of HOPEC and Dr. David Robson, Chairman, President and CEO of Tethys jointly stated at a signing ceremony in Beijing, "HOPEC and TPL have had a working relationship for some time covering many areas. We wish to continue to build on this long standing relationship and to further strengthen this on the basis of mutual benefit and understanding."