Cleanup Underway for Michigan Oil Spill

A spokesperson for Calgary-based Enbridge reported that no oil remains on the Kalamazoo River from the leak that occurred on Line 6B of the Lakehead System on July 26, and that a oil sheen only remains upstream of Battle Creek.

So far, 43,000 barrels of oil and water mixture, or 1.8 million gallons, has been recovered, and approximately 13,000 barrels, or 550,000 gallons, of oil and water has been transported offsite. Enbridge has deployed 78,000 booms and 37 containment locations along the river. Enbridge is focusing its efforts to clean the oil sheen out of areas with thick vegetation and cleaning the shoreline.

"Enbridge takes every incident very seriously and we’re treating this situation as a top priority. The safety of people and the protection of the environment are our highest priorities during the clean," the company said in a statement.

Line 6B is a 30-inch, 190,000 b/d line transporting light synthetics, heavy and medium crude oil from Griffith, Ind., to Sarnia, Ontario. It is part of the 1,900-mile Lakehead System, the U.S. portion of the crude oil system that transports oil from Western Canada to the U.S.

The leak occurred at Enbridge's pump station near Marshall, Mich.