Statoil Acquires Four New Licenses Offshore Norway

Operatorships for four new Norwegian offshore licenses have been awarded to Statoil by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

These allocations form part of the TFO 2003 round, which covers blocks in predefined areas of the Norwegian continental shelf.

"We're very satisfied with our gains," says Tor Fjaeran, senior vice president for exploration in the Exploration & Production Norway business area.

"And we take an extremely positive view in the policy adopted by the ministry and the government over predefined areas, which gives us a high level of predictability."

Three of the four new operatorships are in the Halten/Nordland area of the Norwegian Sea, while the fourth lies in the North Sea's Troll/Sleipner region.

"It's important for us to prove additional resources near our existing fields," says Knut Chr Grindstad, exploration manager for Halten/Nordland.

"All the new licenses we've been awarded lie in the vicinity of installations we operate."