O&G UK Welcomes HSE's Inspection of Aging Installations

Commenting on the launch of the HSE's new inspection program, Malcolm Webb, Oil & Gas UK's chief executive, said, "We welcome the HSE's latest inspection program into aging offshore installations. It is important that we review and reflect on our operations on a regular basis to make sure that our offshore installations continue to be fit for purpose, safe and efficient. As with the previous major inspection program (KP3) which ended in 2007, industry will work closely with the HSE throughout this review.

"Operating in a mature basin brings its own challenges, in particular the maintenance of aging installations and infrastructure. Over the last few years, the UK offshore oil and gas industry has responded well to this challenge and has put huge effort into improving the integrity of its offshore facilities. The industry continues to make substantial investment to ensure its installations are well maintained and remain fit for purpose, as was borne out in the HSE's KP3 review.

"The actions of the industry, the regulator and the trade unions via Step Change in Safety, all working closely together towards a continuous improvement in safety performance, have resulted in a reduction in the number of offshore injuries and incidents in recent years.

"However despite the progress made, we know that work on safety is never done; inspection programs such as this are essential in keeping the industry firmly on its goal of operating its assets to the highest possible standard."