TAMM O&G Welcomes New CEO

TAMM O&G announced the appointment by Mr. William S. (Bill) Tighe, Chairman of the Board of TAMM, of Mr. Donald W. Hryhor as the new President and CEO effective immediately. Mr. Wiktor Musial has resigned as President and will remain as a Director of the corporation. Mr. Tighe would like to thank Mr. Musial for his dedicated service to TAMM as President. The Company is also pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Trevor M. Countryman as Secretary Treasurer effective immediately. Mr. Countryman has over 30 years of experience in the financing of public companies.

Mr. Tighe stated, "On behalf of the TAMM Board, I would like to thank Mr. Hryhor for accepting this position. Mr. Hryhor brings a wealth of experience in the oil exploration and development business, having spent his 35 year career working closely with numerous celebrated oil finders. Mr. Hryhor was responsible for identifying the Manning prospect which forms the backbone of TAMM's current assets. We believe this move will position TAMM for significant future growth and diversification towards expanding our Manning heavy oil assets, combined with new conventional oil and gas prospects."

Mr. Hryhor began his career working for his father during the initial giant oil discoveries in the British North Sea and continued to work with Hryhor Geophysical Ltd. in various capacities for the subsequent 20 years. Mr. Hryhor has worked with many of Canada's top oil exploration scientists and developed proprietary reservoir performance modelling techniques and unique geochemical analysis methodology. He has compiled extensive proprietary oil and gas databases and detailed regional studies incorporating over 600,000 wells throughout Western Canada and many significant projects in the United States.

Mr. Hryhor founded Canadian Wildcat Corporation where he serves as President and CEO. In 1993, he founded Scarlet Exploration Inc. (V.SCO) and in 1995 founded Grand River Resources Inc. Mr. Hryhor currently serves as President and CEO of Thunder River Energy Inc. and its subsidiary, CIMA Holdings Inc. in New Mexico.

Mr. Hryhor stated, "I am delighted to have the exciting opportunity to continue to build TAMM, expanding the already impressive holdings at Manning, as well as moving ahead to acquire additional conventional assets which have been identified. It is my intent to position TAMM to become a major oil producer in the Peace River region, as well as developing new assets to quickly achieve substantial production. I believe that during the current capital market situation we should focus on growing this substantial asset we currently hold and to continue to focus on evaluating additional opportunities in the Manning area and other Alberta properties."