Entek Updates Green River Basin Ops

Entek Energy provided the following update on the Company's Green River Basin operations.

Battle Mountain 14-15A - The rig returned to operations at the Battle Mountain 14-15A well on July 22, 2010. Initial attempts to pull the existing liner to enable deepening of the well have been unsuccessful. It has been assessed that the risk of damaging the borehole, and the additional time and cost required to pull the liner, deepen the well and run a new slotted liner were not justified. Accordingly, forward operations are to log inside the liner and then perforate the existing liner over the entire productive section of the Niobrara Formation. The well will then be tested and put on production.

Slater Dome Coal Bed Methane Field operations are ongoing. Following the recent recompletion on 3 of the wells, the field is on production and gas rates are increasing as expected in response to the higher water evacuation rates.