Seafox Group, Keppel FELS Enter JV in Singapore

Seafox Group have officially entered into a joint-venture and construction agreement with Keppel FELS in Singapore for the Seafox 5 with delivery scheduled for mid 2012.

The Seafox 5 is specifically designed to meet all the requirements in both the Offshore Wind and the Oil & Gas industry for installation and support services in the deeper water depths of the southern and Central North Sea. (65M-70M)

The self-propelled DP2 jack-up has an installation capacity of 1200MT, designed jacking system for quick and frequent usage, free deck area of more than 3500m2, 150 POB + all leisure facilities, better jacking and moving criteria (Hs 2.0m by 6-8/sec period) and variable deck-load usable for client’s use of 6500MT.

"We believe that the combination of both track records of Seafox and Keppel FELS will deliver the right quality equipment for the requirements of the Offshore Market today and that in the coming decades as operating efficiency, safety standards, reliability and value for money is key to our clients," said Keesjan Cordia, Managing Director of Seafox Contractors B.V.

"This new KFELS MPSEP design is an example of how we have been able to leverage and apply both our market knowledge and technology expertise innovatively for a variety of offshore applications. Moreover, in working with an experienced fleet owner and operating partner such as Seafox to launch our design, we will have a good head start in developing our track record as the choice solutions provider for the emerging offshore wind energy sector," Mr Wong Kok Seng, Executive Director of Keppel FELS added.

"The Seafox 5 can be used in the Offshore Wind market for both the heaviest foundation & turbine installation including Round 3 in the UK and can be utilized in the Oil & Gas market for both installation of field development platforms and decommissioning works including platform and jacket removals in all of the Southern North Sea, Danish sector and large parts of the Central North Sea up to and including weights of 1200MT," Keesjan Cordia continued.