Norwegian Petroleum Ministry Awards 13 Companies Licenses

In Awards in Predefined Areas 2003 (APA 2003), 13 companies will receive an offer to participate in 19 production licenses. The companies will be offered participation in a total of 39 blocks or parts of blocks.

I am very pleased with the interest for this licensing round. The interest shows that it was right to introduce the system of awards in predefined areas (APA). It is an exciting mix of established and new companies that will receive an offer to participate in production licenses in APA 2003, says the Minister of Petroleum and Energy Einar Steensnaes.

I have emphasized that the companies shall work quickly in the licenses towards a potential development. Acreage that is not actively explored and brought to a decision of development shall be relinquished and made available for other companies in future licensing rounds, says the Minister.

was announced The APA 2003 was announced on May 26, 2003, with a deadline for submission of applications on October 1, 2003.

The Ministry emphasizes that the work is carried out quickly and efficiently in production licenses that is awarded in the mature parts of the shelf. In APA 2003 work obligations in the production licenses have been established to promote a quick exploration towards a potential submission of a development plan. If the licensees do not want to carry out all parts of the work obligation – including a submission of a development plan – the license should be relinquished. The system of relinquishment after the initial period has also been changed. Acreage that is not actively explored shall be relinquished. The Ministry therefore says that the licensees can claim extension of the part of the acreage that is comprised by the development plan.

Nineteen new production licenses will be offered.

The following companies will be offered operator ship (number in parenthesis): Norsk Hydro Produksjon a.s (6), Statoil ASA (4), Talisman Energy Norge AS (2), Marathon Petroleum Norge A/S (2), Esso Exploration and Production Norway AS (1), Det Norske Oljeselskap AS (1), BP Norge AS (1), BG International Ltd. (1) and Paladin Resources Norge AS (1).

The following companies will be offered participation (number in parenthesis): Mærsk Olie and Gas AS (1), DONG Norge AS (4), Paladin Resources Norge AS (2), Marathon Petroleum Norge A/S (1), Revus Energy AS (1), Mobil Development Norway A/S (2), Norsk Agip A/S (1) and Norsk Hydro Produksjon a.s (3).

Awards in Predefined Areas 2003
Companies Blocks
Hydro (O) 60%
Maersk 40%
2/5 and 6
BG Group (O) 100% 1/2, 5 and 6
Paladin (O) 100% S 7/11 Stratigraphic part
above cretaceous rocks
Talisman (O) 60%
DONG 40%
2/1 (except NW)
BP (O) 55%
DONG 45%
NW 2/1
Talisman (O) 60%
DONG 40%
7/8 and 11
Hydro (O) 40%
DONG 40%
Paladin 20%
S 16/10
Statoil (O) 100% 15/2, 3, 5, 6 and 8
Esso (O) 60%
Marathon 40%
E 25/7 and 25/10
DNO (O) 60%
REvus 40%
E 24/9 and W 25/7
Hydro (O) 100% 25/1, 2 and 5
Marathon (O) 100% 25/4
Hydro (O) 60%
Paladin 40%
Hydro (O) 100% 30/5, 6, 8, 9 and 31/4 and 7
Hydro (O) 100% 31/3
Marathon (O) 100% 31/1 and 2
Statoil (O) 35%
Hydro 24%
ExxonMobil 24%
Agip 17%
6407/3 and 6
Statoil (O) 60%
Hydro 40%
6608/10 and 11
Statoil (O) 45%
Hydro 35%
ExxonMobil 20%