Wood Group Launches New Hydrating Tool for Production Pipes

Wood Group has launched a new hydrate liquefying tool to melt ice and paraffin blockages that occur in the production pipes of oil & gas wells.

The Thermal Moderator Tool (TMT), developed by Wood Group Logging Services, can be used in pipes with inside diameters as small as one inch. The tool, which is rated to 15,000 PSI of pressure, can be dispatched anywhere in the world and was recently dispatched to offshore West Africa where it was used to clear a blocked well.

"This new tool is portable and can be run in coiled tubing, flow lines and other small-channel transfer systems," explained John Paul Jones, president of Wood Group Logging Services. "The TMT was developed in response to requests from customers who wanted a non-chemical solution to eliminate hydrate blockages. It performed well in several test wells and is being used successfully in commercial operations, saving both time and money over traditional methods."