Reservoir Group Adds to Succession of Acquisitions

Reservoir Group has bolstered its growth after acquiring Enigma Data Solutions. The acquisition is part of Reservoir Group's strategy to invest in valuable new additions to its already-strong cast of companies. The Enigma purchase will reinforce RGIS, the information services division of RG, which already includes three companies. 

Enigma Data Solutions will retain its own corporate identity and operations including its management under the acquisition. Enigma provides sophisticated information management software and consultancy services to the oil and gas industry - including a number of blue chip clients - and has developed an exclusive IT solution for archiving and backup of large volumes of geotechnical and supporting data to ensure long-term knowledge retention and compliance. 

Reservoir Group CEO Pascal Bartette said, "We are pleased that Enigma Data Solutions has joined forces with Reservoir Group. We have identified an opportunity in the oil and gas market for a dedicated, service-oriented data management and information services offering and Enigma will enhance our capability in this area. Enigma has an excellent track record and industry reputation and will become integral to this division of the Group. 

"We intend to continue to expand the RGIS division either through organic growth or new acquisitions that will extend our geographic coverage as well as enable us to multiply our technical competencies. This is combined with our strategy to search for new, niche additions to the Group across all sectors of our activity." 

Peter Copley, managing director of Enigma Data Solutions, said, "Reservoir Group has developed a new approach to the Oilfield Information Services industry that is of strong appeal to us. We identified valuable potential synergies with the existing RGIS division and the potential to accelerate the development and distribution of our main products through the broader RG network. That will undoubtedly benefit our existing clients as well as opening up new opportunities to develop the Enigma business."