CGX Completes Onshore Geochemical Sampling Program in Guyana

CGX Energy and its subsidiary, On Energy Inc., have completed the acquisition of geochemical samples in the Berbice area of Guyana. Over a five-week period, 8,000 samples were collected by crews composed almost entirely of Guyanese nationals. More than 50 people were directly and indirectly employed in the operation.

Warren Workman, President of On Energy, wishes to thank the citizens, local officials and corporations of the Berbice Region for their excellent co-operation and assistance during field operations, particularly the Regional Authorities, Police and Guysuco.

The companies also wish to acknowledge the valuable assistance of the Guyana Geological and Mines Commission and in particular the Petroleum Unit in facilitating the acquisition. Kerry Sully, President of CGX Energy, stated "If the sample analysis currently being conducted at GMT Technologies' laboratories in Oklahoma, USA over the next few months confirms anomalous areas, we hope to proceed shortly thereafter with seismic or drilling on the property".