ECC Inquires about Deepwater Drilling in UK

Oil & Gas UK welcomed the Energy and Climate Change (ECC) Committee's inquiry into deepwater drilling in the UK. The association's chief executive, Malcolm Webb, said, "The industry is pleased that the ECC Committee is taking a detailed look at the way in which oil and gas drilling takes place in the UK. It presents an excellent opportunity for us to respond to and correct the ill-informed comment and opinion emanating from numerous sources about our industry.

"The inquiry will enable us to demonstrate not only our industry's highly commendable track record in the UK, but also the vital role it has to play in assuring the energy security, economic growth and environmental aspirations of this nation. It will also give us the opportunity to convey the excellent work now being done through the Oil Spill Prevention and Response Advisory Group (OSPRAG) in which the industry, regulators and trade unions are engaged, to address and learn from the issues arising from the Gulf of Mexico incident."