Petromanas Begins Seismic Ops in Albania

Petromanas announced that the start up of seismic operations on Blocks D-E and Blocks 2-3 in Albania as planned and on schedule, and is anticipated to be completed by October 2010. All operating licenses and permits have been received and the contractor's personnel and equipment are on site. This program includes 250 km of 2D seismic survey including 105 km which is part of the licenses required work commitments.

Manas Adriatic GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Petromanas Energy Inc., has signed two agreements for Land Seismic Services with the Italian company Geotec S.p.A, on May 27, 2010, one each for Blocks D-E and Blocks 2-3 which are onshore Production Sharing Contracts in Albania. Geotec S.p.A. has extensive experience in the hydrocarbon exploration industry performing seismic work in Albania in conjunction with international oil and gas companies for many years.

The majority of the seismic work will be carried out with heliportable rigs and the remainder through conventional shallow drilling rigs.

This seismic survey is being carried out to improve the quality of the existing prospect data, and hence increase the chances of success of the exploratory wells to be drilled upon completion and interpretation of the new seismic data. The first well is anticipated to be drilled in early 2011.