Evolution Petroleum Resumes Development of Giddings Field

Evolution Petroleum has entered into a joint venture with an industry partner to drill up to five horizontal development wells in the Giddings Field in central Texas.

The wells to be drilled are from Evolution's portfolio of proved and probable locations and target the naturally fractured Austin Chalk and Georgetown formations in Burleson and Grimes counties in central Texas. Evolution will operate the wells through the drilling and completion phases and will participate for a 20% working interest before payout and 38% working interest after payout. Evolution expects to pay a 10% working interest share of the costs associated with drilling and completing the wells in which it participates within the joint venture. The additional 10% before payout working interest and 28% after payout working interest represent Evolution's contribution of leases to the joint venture. Drilling operations are expected to begin within sixty days and should be completed by early spring 2011. Evolution's capital contribution will be funded from current working capital and expected operating cash flows as part of its fiscal 2011 plan.

Robert Herlin, President and CEO of Evolution, said "We are pleased to resume development of our Giddings undeveloped portfolio in partnership with a strong industry operator who recognizes our horizontal drilling capabilities and reserves potential. EPM has accumulated approximately 18,000 net acres in the Giddings Field in where it has ten producing wells, 21 proved undeveloped drilling locations and 2 probable undeveloped drilling locations as of July 1, 2009. By bringing in a partner, we can accelerate our development program at a reduced cost and increase field production that, in our wells, is typically 30% crude oil, 35% natural gas liquids and 35% natural gas. This joint venture is consistent with our overall strategy of originating development projects, proving the potential and capturing the asset value by utilizing third party capital to carry out full scale development."