Wavefront Welcomes New Member to BOD

Wavefront announced that Jeff Saponja, P.Eng. has joined Wavefront's board of directors.

Saponja brings more than 20 years experience in providing insightful corporate leadership, developing new technologies, and growing new companies.

Jeff currently serves as Director, President and CEO of TriAxon Oil Corp. Saponja was a founder member, Director and the President/CEO of TriAxon Resources.

Mr. Saponja has also served in a number of senior management positions including executive roles at Weatherford Canada Partnership, Shell UK and Husky Oil. He also co-chaired the IRP-22 committee.

Mr. Saponja commented, "Wavefront's advanced technologies and associated products possess considerable potential for cost effectively increasing recoveries from known reservoirs. I'm excited to be part of a forward-thinking and motivated team that I believe will have a positive and material impact on the oil and gas business globally."

"Wavefront's products are rapidly becoming in demand around the world, and Jeff's experience will help us enormously to maximize the potential of these opportunities," said Wavefront chairman Steve Percy. "He has a proven track record for growing companies successfully, and brings a highly valuable perspective on how we can take Wavefront to the next level. Wavefront is stronger today with the addition of Jeff Saponja to our board of directors and we all look forward to his keen insights and knowledge of the oil industry."