American Petro-Hunter Starts Production in Ks.

American Petro-Hunter announced that the #3 Lutters well has commenced commercial oil production.

The well is the second producer at the Poston Prospect, located in Trego County, Kansas. Facility installations including a pump jack have been installed, electrical connections are completed and the well has been tied into the existing storage tank battery. The #3 Lutters is offset to the #1 Lutters well that has been in production since June, 2009 and is part of an ongoing program designed to increase overall production from the reservoir.

Oil production rates from the #3 Lutters are anticipated in the 80 to 100 BPD range and the Company and engineers believe that the project will shortly be producing over 110 BPD once the well reaches stable production rates. The Lutters #1 and #3 wells are drilled in a Mississippi Dolomite formation identified by a 3D seismic high which pinpoints the oil bearing horizon. The 750 acre location offers two additional offset well location drilling opportunities given the success of the #3 well.