TN-K Continues Expansion in Ky.

TN-K has continued its expansion with the successful drilling of its first well on land leased in Tennessee in 2009. The Dishman Well #1 in Livingston, Tennessee, was drilled to a total depth of 2,330 feet, with oil being struck in the Knox formation at 2,055 feet, 2,060 feet, 2,072 feet and 2,125 feet. TN-K Energy is now in the process of completing and testing the well.

The company further announced that it has increased its lease holdings by over 110 acres with two leases in Clinton County, Kentucky, including the McClellan lease which is approximately 18 acres and the Tompkins lease which is approximately 94 acres. Mr. Ken Page, the company's CEO, commented, "I am very excited to now have production in both Tennessee and Kentucky. It is also great to have expanded our lease holdings with such quality and highly potential leases. The Tompkins lease is approx 3,000 feet from a well know as the Ferguson well which was drilled in the early 1990's and initially produced over 5,000 barrels a day at a depth of approximately 1,000 feet. The Tompkins lease has never been drilled and with these leases we have approximately 25 new additional well locations to be drilled."