Questerre: Completion Ops Underway at Gentilly Well

Questerre announced that completion operations began recently on the Gentilly No. 2 horizontal well in the St. Lawrence Lowlands, Québec.

The completion program for this well included testing of both the middle and lower intervals within the Utica shale formation with a total of five fracs in the approximately 700m long horizontal section. This will provide important technical information about the stimulation of these intervals. The fracture stimulation of Gentilly No. 2 will be conducted by Talisman Energy Inc. in accordance with good oilfield practice and government regulations.

Consistent with its previous operations, the adjacent vertical well, Gentilly No. 1, will be used for microseismic monitoring to validate the effectiveness of the fracs. Questerre believes this information will corroborate results from previous fracs. Based on independent analysis of the fracs on previous wells, the microseismic results to date clearly indicate that the fracture stimulation does not propagate above the Utica shale. The top of the Utica is located at least 1,500m from the deepest fresh water aquifer.

The long-term production test of the St. Edouard No. 1A horizontal well was recently completed. After 134 days of testing, the well was producing at a rate of approximately 1.4 MMcf/d. The pressure and production data is currently being analyzed in conjunction with the microseismic gathered during the fracture stimulation.

Drilling operations on the Fortierville No. 1 horizontal well were finalized in late June. The well was drilled and cased to a measured depth of 3390m including an approximate 1000 m horizontal leg. Due to frac equipment requirements and unforeseen changes at an adjacent location where Questerre is not a partner along with a prior commitment for the frac equipment in Western Canada, Questerre anticipates this well is likely to be completed in the fall when the frac equipment is expected to return to Québec.

Questerre also announced that drilling operations are underway on the next horizontal well, St. Gertrude No. 1, situated approximately 12 km southwest of the Gentilly No. 2 horizontal well. The well will test an unstructured area in the play fairway. Total measured depth for this well is programmed at 3300m with a 1000m horizontal leg into the middle Utica interval. Subject to final results, Questerre expects the completion will likely include an 8-stage fracture stimulation with results later this year.

Michael Binnion, President and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "We are very pleased that operations are progressing satisfactorily. The long-term test at St. Edouard is in line with our interpretation of this excellent first horizontal result. Drilling results from Fortierville showed progress on the learning curve and we look forward to applying it to St. Gertrude."