Entek Drills Past TD at Battle Mountain

Entek advised that based on the encouraging oil shows recorded while drilling Battle Mountain 14-15A in late 2009, the decision has been made to continue drilling past the original Total Depth of 7,684 feet to 7,800 feet. As part of the process of changing Operatorship, related to the planned deepening of the well, Entek has had to submit new permitting to the appropriate regulatory body. As a result, the
Battle Mountain 14-15A well workover had to be suspended on July 1st, 2010.

Operations on Battle Mountain 14-15A in Cooper Basin will recommence as soon as permitting compliance is completed, anticipated to be during the week commencing July 12th 2010.

Initial preparations for this work involved circulating the well clean with brine fluid, during which approximately 60 barrels of gaseous light crude oil was circulated out of the wellbore into site storage.

  • Drill from the current Total Depth of 7,684 feet to 7,800 feet – additional hole depth of 116 feet (encouraging oil shows were still being recorded when the well was at Total Depth, hence additional drilling is being undertaken).
  • Run electric logs over the interval from 6,090 feet to 7,800 feet.
  • Evaluate the electric logs.
  • Run a 4-1/2 inch slotted liner across the open hole section from 6,090 feet to 7,800 feet.
  • Test the well and put on production.

Coalbed Methane Well Re-completions – While waiting for applicable regulatory approvals at Battle Mountain 14-15A, anticipated to be received the week commencing July 12th 2010, the workover rig has been diverted to carry out re-completions on the following coalbed methane wells.

  • Robidoux 13-15
  • Robidoux 13-12-89 #1
  • Robidoux 23-13

The re-completions involve:

  • Perforating inter-bedded sandstones that indicate gas bearing pay and porosity on electric log, between coal seams. This has resulted in a significant increase in coal seam gas production when Entek carried out such work on other wells during late 2009.
  • Running new Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP) in the wells, to replace the existing Moyno Pumps (installed prior to Entek's involvement in the joint venture) that have not performed to expectations and resulted in excessive well workovers. Entek has reviewed historical coal seam gas well performance throughout the Slater Dome field and consider the installation of ESPs will result in greater reliability, less downtime and resultant incremental production.