ProSep Snags Contract for Canadian Oil Sands Market

ProSep was awarded a $2.0 million (U.S.) contract to provide process engineering and specialized internals for crude separation. This contract was awarded through a commercial alliance with Edmonton-based engineering and manufacturing company Thermo Design (TDE) and will be installed at a super major oil and gas producer’s steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) facility located in Alberta’s oil sands.

"We look forward to our collaboration with TDE," said Jacques L. Drouin, President and CEO. "The Canadian oil sands are one of the world's largest oil deposits, second in size only to Saudi Arabia. Oil sands are an important growth market, and we will look to continue expanding our offering in this region."

The crude separation equipment will be built using ProSep's Free Water Knock-Out (FWKO) and Treater vessel designs and internals, allowing for efficient separation of crude, natural gas, water and solids from the production stream.