BGP Marine Shoots for Spectrum

The BGP Challenger is currently acquiring 2D long offset seismic data on behalf of Spectrum Multi-Client in the US Gulf of Mexico. The BGP Challenger, which was commissioned in early 2009 is currently acquiring Phase 4 of Spectrum’s extensive Big Wave Multi-Client programme in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. By the end of June the Challenger had acquired more than 5,000 km of high quality seismic data with a 10,000m streamer and 4,260 cu ins source array. Spectrum’s own vessel, the GGS Atlantic, had previously acquired more than 3,700 km of Big Wave Phase 4 before mobilising to Trinidad to acquire a proprietary 3D survey.

The early stages of the acquisition programme proved to be extremely challenging. At this time the notorious Gulf of Mexico loop currents were most active. Even more frustrating for both the Challenger and the Atlantic, was the unpredictable position and movement of the loop current. The experienced international crew on board the Challenger coped well and has subsequently achieved excellent productivity acquiring up to 200 km per day.

Spectrum’s EVP of Multi Client, Charles Harmer, is very impressed with both the productivity and the quality of data acquired by BGP. “The crew on the Challenger has performed exceptionally in a difficult environment. We (Spectrum) have already commenced processing the data at our state of the art computer centre in Houston. Initial results are very encouraging producing excellent quality Multi Client seismic data. BGP are on track to complete the acquisition of Phase 4 toward the end of July 2010.”

Dawson Soth, Marketing and Sales Manager for BGP also commented, “BGP is extremely pleased to have the opportunity to showcase its services in the Americas and we are delighted to work with Spectrum on their Big Wave Phase 4 programme. BGP looks forward to working with Spectrum on future projects not only in the Gulf of Mexico, but worldwide”.