Shell Global Solutions Retrofits Pipeline with VIV System

Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc. has successfully completed the industry's first horizontal retrofit installation of vortex induced vibration (VIV) suppression fairings along a 400-ft. horizontal pipeline span, located at 2300 ft. depth in the Gulf of Mexico.

By combining the patented RIVET* suppression installation tool from Shell Global Solutions and the Heave Compensated Landing System (HCLS), a patented system from Shell Oil Company, the fairings took less than one week to install, including mobilization and demobilization. This deepwater horizontal pipeline retrofit installation is an efficient and practical alternative to traditional pipeline span stabilization methods. The system also adapts to different diameter fairings to accommodate a wide range of pipeline sizes.

The horizontal RIVET installation system was developed and tested by Shell Global Solutions at the Shell Westhollow Technology Center in Houston. Delmar Systems of New Iberia, LA, is the licensed user of the Shell HCLS technology.

The RIVET installation tool and the HCLS work together to provide a safe, effective combination of gentle tool landing and fast latch/release operation. The compact RIVET installation system requires relatively little deck space, which allows the use of smaller offshore construction vessels, while the HCLS provides a larger window of operation. Also, the horizontal RIVET system takes three fairings per sub sea trip, minimizing vessel time at a location.

Patented suppression fairings from Shell Global Solutions offer superior VIV suppression and very low drag loading compared to conventional helical strakes. They also provide exceptional resistance to marine growth. The high suppression and low drag properties of these fairings also help to significantly reduce deepwater pipeline costs by eliminating circuitous pipeline routes around sub sea canyons and steep slopes.

In addition to the innovative pipeline span retrofit remediation, the VIV team from Shell Global Solutions also offers VIV analysis, VIV testing, suppression hardware supply and suppression installation services.