OMNI Acquires American Helicopters

OMNI Energy Services, Inc. has completed the acquisition of American Helicopters, Inc. for approximately $4.5 million cash and long-term debt. AHI employs seventy (70) pilots, mechanics and administrative personnel from its headquarters in Angleton, Texas. AHI owns and operates a fleet of seventeen (17) helicopters from base locations in Texas and Louisiana principally providing aviation services to oil and gas drilling companies operating in the offshore waters in the Gulf of Mexico. AHI also provides air ambulance services to certain areas of east Texas.

"The acquisition of AHI is an integral part of the continued expansion of our aviation division," said James C. Eckert, OMNI Chief Executive Officer. "The addition of American's equipment and personnel greatly expands our capacity. The addition of their offshore infrastructure significantly expands the range of our offshore capabilities," added Eckert. "The combination will permit us to own and operate thirty-five (35) helicopters from operating bases across the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. Further, it will dramatically broaden our customer base and offers new business opportunities not previously available. At the same time, the consolidation will afford us the opportunity to achieve strong synergies. AHI brings with it an experienced management team and exceptional, highly trained personnel. This is exactly the acquisition we needed to initiate our planned external expansion and take our aviation division to a new level," continued Eckert. OMNI previously announced plans to restructure and expand its aviation fleet to eighteen (18) helicopters operating from base locations in Louisiana.

"This business strategy of expanding our aviation division complements our core business operations. This acquisition combined with recently announced aviation contracts provides us with an aviation revenue base that is complementary to and balanced with our seismic drilling operations," concluded Eckert.

Headquartered in Carencro, LA, OMNI Energy offers a broad range of integrated services to both geophysical and production companies engaged in the acquisition of on-shore seismic data. The company provides its services through several business units: Seismic Drilling, Helicopter Support, Permitting and Seismic Survey. OMNI's services play a significant role with geophysical companies who have operations in marsh, swamp, shallow water and the U.S. Gulf Coast also called transition zones and contiguous dry land areas also called highland zones.