Paradigm Says Hello to New CEO

Paradigm announced that Mr. Ron Polli has been promoted and appointed as the new President and CEO for the Company. Mr. Polli was previously the President of the Company's technology subsidiary which has also changed its name to, Paradigm Integrated Technology Solutions Inc.

This move is intended to consolidate the Company's management and bring the responsibility of the implementation of the Company's strategy under one voice.

As previously stated by Mr. Brian Kennedy, Paradigm's CFO, "Ron brings outstanding leadership and technical experience to the company that will significantly benefit our customers, partners and suppliers," Mr. Kennedy added, "moving forward, it became apparent in order to more effectively implement Ron's technology ideas he was developing at Paradigm Integrated Technology Solutions Inc. with our Oil and Gas properties held under Paradigm's operating unit, Intergrated Oil & Gas Solutions Corp, we should give Ron the overall authority to implement the Company strategy collectively for each Company and allow them to seamlessly work better together."

"When I was initially appointed at Paradigm, I stated that I share the vision to create a portfolio of technology assets designed to make existing oil fields more productive. Now with my increased role and scope, I will have the opportunity to have some of these technologies more easily deployed and put to work in our own fields as the early adoptors and to prove out their effectiveness and realize their benefits," said Mr. Polli.

With Ron Polli's appointment, Mark Juliar has resigned his position as Director, President and CEO of Paradigm Oil and Gas Inc to pursue other interests. The Company would like to thank Mark for the contribution he has made under his leadership.