CARBO Unveils New Non-Radioactive Traceable Proppant

CARBO announced the introduction of CARBONRT™, an innovative, environmentally responsible development in proppant placement. This technology incorporates a taggant that allows downhole, near-wellbore detection of ceramic proppant. CARBONRT assists in determining fracture propagation and geometry in a manner that is designed to optimize stimulation effectiveness and maximize productive capacity. 

With non-radioactive CARBONRT, there is no half-life deterioration of the detectable properties. The proppant is engineered for extended identification, giving operators the flexibility of conducting post-frac logging months or years after fracturing.

The proprietary tracer can be added to any ceramic proppant in CARBO's extensive product line. It is uniformly distributed through each grain of proppant, assuring consistent distribution of the traceable marker throughout the fracture zone.

"CARBONRT is a unique product that offers the E&P industry a traceable proppant without the half-life and potential environmental hazards involved with radioactive tracers," said Gary Kolstad, CARBO's President and Chief Executive Officer. "This provides flexibility to conduct proppant detection analysis with standard logging tools for an indefinite period of time."