Curlew Lake Assembles Drilling Program for Chin Coulee Area

Curlew Lake Resources has acquired Alberta Crown Petroleum and Natural Gas Leases in the Chin Coulee area of Southern Alberta.

A seismic acquisition and interpretation program has been carried out that identified a number of anomalies supporting the initiation of an exploration program in the Chin area southeast of Taber.

Taber oil and gas fields have been heavily exploited over past decades and many of the large operators have been successful in establishing large-scale programs in the productive Lower Cretaceous formations as well as underlying Jurassic formations.

Of particular interest to the Company are the Glauconite channels and Sawtooth oil producing formations. Curlew Lake has identified anomalies at Chin that qualify as exploration targets, with some potential in upper gas containing sands. Technical advances in horizontal drilling have made discoveries in these formations more efficient producers and targeted drillpoints allow for more complete exploitation of the oil bearing reservoirs.

A drill target and proposed well at Chin Coulee on recently acquired Crown Petroleum and Natural Gas Leases is in the planning stages and Curlew plans to commence a program at Chin this summer. Curlew plans to drill at least one of the two acquired Alberta Crown sections 6 miles east of the Chin Coulee oil field. A drill target, based on a seismic shot point, has been chosen in order to test the one or more of the channel sands identified with seismic.

Alberta Crown Leases now qualify for the revised royalty rate and drilling incentives which greatly improve the attractiveness of exploring for known oil producing formations in the areas where infrastructure is good and open Alberta Crown mineral lands are available for lease.

The Curlew Chin program is planned exploration on 640 acre Section 33 and if successful, a follow-up hole in Curlew Section 29-7-13 W4M. Many similar prospects in Southern Alberta are eventually drilled on 40 acre spacing. Many of these wells in the Glauconite channels have been producing for 30 years. Long-life reserves in easily accessible areas are also enhanced by improved technologies that include sweeping the reservoir, using flood programs and polymer agents that are recovering upwards of 50% of the original oil in place as opposed to older technologies that recover 8 to 15 percent of OOIP. Production rates vary in the channel plays and IPs (Initial Production) are up to 400 barrels per day, depending upon size and thickness of reservoir, porosity and permeability. Typical reserves estimates in section-sized channels run in the millions of barrels per section.

Curlew has identified a number of potential channels and a seismic shot point drill target has been selected and is planned to be licensed this summer. The AFE and Recommendation to Drill have been prepared for Chin and management has proposed licensing a New Pool Wildcat at Curlew Lake Chin Lsd 11-33-7-13 W4M.