Avro Wraps Up Ops at La. Well

Avro has completed workover operations on the Muslow #3 oil well in Northern Louisiana and has now put this well into production. Donny Fitzgerald, Manager of Operations for the Company, has confirmed that the well is now producing into the tanks.

The Company continues to stay within its model of buying oil and gas leases in the ArkLaTex oil-producing region that have further prospects of increased production. Further to this end, the Muslow and Caddo Levee Board wells have zones of interest in the Nachatosh Formation. These leases include the deeper rights to the base of the Paluxy Formation which is prolific in the area.

About the ArkLaTex Oil-Producing Region

The ArkLaTex is a U.S. socio-economic region where Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas intersect. The region is centered on the Shreveport/Bossier metropolitan area in Northwest Louisiana. The region's history is heavily linked with the oil industry. The geology associated with the deposition of sediments from the Mississippi River, in particular, makes this area an abundant source for the oil and gas industries, which leads to the high levels of oil production within the region.