Advantage O&G Renews $525MM Borrowing Base

Advantage O&G announced its lenders have completed their review of the borrowing base, which will remain unchanged at $525 million and continue to provide significant financial flexibility in support of future capital program requirements and general corporate purposes.

Advantage's credit facilities of $525 million is comprised of a $20 million extensible revolving operating loan facility from one financial institution and a $505 million extensible revolving loan facility from a syndicate of financial institutions (the "Credit Facilities"). Amounts borrowed under the Credit Facilities bear interest at a floating rate based on the applicable Canadian prime rate, US base rate, LIBOR rate or bankers' acceptance rate plus between 1.25% and 3.75% depending on the type of borrowing and the Corporation's debt to cash flow ratio. The Credit Facilities are collateralized by a $1 billion floating charge demand debenture covering all assets of the Corporation. The amounts available to Advantage from time to time under the Credit Facilities are based upon the borrowing base determined semi-annually by the lenders. The revolving period for the Credit Facilities will end in June 2011 unless extended for a further 364 day period. If the Credit Facilities are not extended, they will convert to non-revolving term facilities due 365 days after the last day of the revolving period. The Credit Facilities contain standard commercial covenants for credit facilities of this nature. The only financial covenant is a requirement for Advantage to maintain a minimum cash flow to interest expense ratio of 3.5:1, determined on a rolling four-quarter basis.