Gorm Field Still Shut Down

Production from Gorm was halted on May 20 when a gas explosion rocked the main Gorm platform. Gorm Field produces approximately 121,000 barrels of oil per day.

Permission was sought from the Danish Energy Agency to restart production from the Halfdan satellite, however, the requested was denied. Prior to the incident, Halfdan was producing approximately 43,000 bopd. However, Halfdan could start up as early as a couple weeks if connected to another export infrastructure. Maersk will not partially resume production this weekend as was previously thought.

It has been suggested that the cause of the explosion was due to a pipe which ruptured from corrosion after injecting products intended to prevent the gas from souring.

Maersk said the incident may result in comprehensive investigation of all its North Sea installations, especicially the high-pressure piping. Maersk has a 38% interest in Gorm with Royal Duch/Shell holding a 46% interest and Texaco holding a 15% interest. The four satellites that make up Gorm are: Halfdan, Skjold, Rolf and Dagmar.