Saudi Aramco Refutes '93 Spill Rumors

Saudi Aramco unequivocally refutes allegations reported in several news media and Internet blogs about an alleged "secret" oil spill during 1993 in the Arabian Gulf.

The Company stateed that there is no factual basis to those allegations, and there was no such event or incident as alleged concerning its operations in 1993, 1994, or at any other time.

Saudi Aramco confirmed that it participated in oil spill cleanup activities and operations in early 1991 during the Gulf Conflict. Under the leadership of Saudi Arabia's government, the Company, together with various agencies, undertook oil spill cleanup operations lasting for about six months until July 1991.

The Company's response to the 1991 oil spill was carried out with the technologies and best practices available at that time, such as portable skimmers and containment booms.

Although the company utilized a number of work and supply boats, Saudi Aramco wishes to clarify that no supertankers were used during the 1991 spill cleanup operations. The concept of utilizing supertankers to collect large quantities of spilled oil was never pursued.

The Company has made reports available to several news media outlets about Saudi Aramco's involvement in the 1991 spill cleanup. One of the reports was published in Saudi Aramco's Dimensions Magazine Fall 1996 edition.

The Company also confirmed that Mr. Nicholas Pozzi is a former employee and worked as a foreman in Saudi Aramco's East-West Pipeline Department. However, he made no significant contribution to the Company's spill preparedness or response teams during his employment or at any other time. The claims made about his alleged efforts at a 1993 oil spill response operation are without factual basis.