ConocoPhillips Begins Repair Work on West Natuna Pipeline

ConocoPhillips is expected to increase natural gas pressure in the leaking 640-mile pipeline from Indonesian West Natuna gas field to Singapore to over 50% of the previous flow rate within the next 24 hours, Jim Taylor, the company's vice president of operations, said Tuesday.

ConocoPhillips has isolated the leak in the pipeline from one of the gas supply sources and repair work began Tuesday.

"Over the next 24 hours, the pressure in the line will increase to levels where gas sales to Singapore can resume at over 50% of the previous levels," he said.

Singapore's SembCorp Gas was receiving 325 million cubic feet a day of gas from the West Natuna field prior to the supply disruption that began early Saturday.

Work on the section of the pipeline, which continues to leak remains ongoing, Taylor said.

ConocoPhillips has yet to determine the cause of the pipeline leak or the projected resumption date of normal gas supplies.

"During (the next 48 hours), the repair requirements will be known and equipment will be mobilized to complete the repairs, Taylor said.

The gas supply disruption from West Natuna has forced two power generators to use more fuel oil, and one producer to shut down its combined cycle unit.