The Western Australian Parliament Approves Gorgon Project

The Western Australian Parliament has approved the Gorgon gas development, paving the way for a massive expansion in WA's LNG industry.

Parliamentary approval was secured on November 14th with the passage of the Barrow Island Bill 2003 through the Legislative Council, which saw the ratification of the Gorgon State Agreement.

State Development Minister Clive Brown welcomed the Parliament's approval, saying it was pleasing that the Liberal Party did not obstruct the Gallop Government's efforts to cement WA's reputation as the energy capital of the region.

"This is a landmark day for the Western Australian gas industry," Mr. Brown said.

"The Gorgon gas development has the potential to be Australia's largest industrial development, supplying clean fuels to the world and underpinning economic and employment growth in WA for generations.

"I applaud the Parliament for passing the Barrow Island Bill and not obstructing the Gallop Government's efforts to create jobs and opportunities for all Western Australians."

Mr. Brown said the passage of the Bill would greatly assist the Gorgon Joint Venture Partners market their gas in WA and throughout the world.

"The Government has always understood the importance of certainty in marketing Gorgon gas, which is why we were determined to pass this enabling legislation this year," he said.

"The certainty provided by the Government's strategy will enable further agreements like the recent arrangements with the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company.

"Growing demand for LNG within the United States also presents enormous opportunities for WA's gas producers and the Premier will be traveling to the US at the end of this month to assist our producers in their marketing efforts.

"Additionally, I will be traveling to an LNG conference in the US in December, which has been convened by US Secretary of Energy Abraham and will see 30 Ministers from around the world discuss the growing energy needs of the United States.

"These are exciting times for WA, with our strongly performing resources sector underpinning a rigorous period of economic growth that will deliver benefits to all Western Australians."