Kuda Tasi-2 Suspended as Future Production Well

Santos reports that preliminary wireline log analysis from the Kuda Tasi-2 appraisal well shows a 35-meter oil column. Testing operations on the well, which is located in 03-01 PSC in the Joint Petroleum Development Area in the Timor Sea commenced on last Friday.

The well test consisted of a main flow period for approximately 12 hours, followed by a sampling period and a pressure build up test. The well flowed 5,180 barrels of oil per day at a wellhead pressure of 773 psi constrained by a 36/64" choke. The well is being suspended as a potential future oil production well.

The participants in JPDA 03-01 PSC are Woodside as operator with 40%; Santos with 25% and Inpex with the remaining 25%.