INTECSEA Secures FEED Contract

INTECSEA is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for the IGI Poseidon project by IGI Poseidon S.A.

"We are pleased that IGI Poseidon has selected INTECSEA for this important project to develop essential gas transportation infrastructure in southern Europe," said Dr Ping Liu, Operations Director of INTECSEA BV and project sponsor for INTECSEA.

INTECSEA will perform the work out of its offices in Delft, the Netherlands, as operator of a consortium with Iv-Oil & Gas bv, also based in the Netherlands. The scope for the FEED includes design of a 210km offshore gas pipeline from the Greek coast near the island of Corfu to the Italian coast at Otranto. Water depths along the route reach 1370m. The FEED also includes the design of the compressor station at the head of the pipeline in Greece and the receiving station at the tie-in to the Italian national gas grid.