Developing Fields Next Step in Uvat Project

Development of Protozanovkoye and Kosukhinskoye in Central Uvat will be the next step in the implementation of the Uvat project. This statement was made by Alexander Prokhorov, Deputy General Director for Geology and Reservoir Management, Chief Geologist of TNK-Uvat.

These fields are similar in terms of exploration maturity and their development is commercially viable as materially high flow rates have been achieved during exploration well testing.

A detailed development drilling program is already in place for both fields. Under this program, TNK-Uvat is planning to drill and test two exploration wells at Kosukhinskoye by the end of the year. During the winter period, we started 3D seismic exploration activities at Kosukhinskoye. Upon their completion we plan to start drilling two more exploration wells and complete them by 2013.

In 2010, 3D seismic has also been shot at Protazanovskoye. In 2011, drilling of an exploration well and a prospect well is planned within an area adjacent to the field. Full field development of Protazanovskoye is expected to start in 2016.

According to Alexander Prokhorov, development drilling at Protozanovskoye and Kosukhinskoye will allow to confirm forecasts regarding oil production increase in the south of the Tyumen region.