ARKeX Launches New Airborne Acquisition Service

ARKeX has launched a new airborne acquisition service called G-Qube. G-Qube is specifically designed to fill the gap between conventional airborne gravity surveys and the high resolution BlueQube surveys. 

G-Qube uses the same advanced gravity gradiometry technology as BlueQube, but also incorporates state of the art conventional gravity measurements. It offers all that conventional airborne gravity does but with enhanced bandwidth and resolution capabilities of gradiometry, such as the off-line measurement or sideways capabilities. G-Qube can acquire data over an increased bandwidth when compared with conventional airborne gravity data but delivers it at a competitive price. 

"When assessing large frontier areas, conventional airborne gravity often lacks the clarity needed to focus further exploration work," said Phill Houghton, ARKeX VP Business Development. "G-Qube provides exploration companies with a regional picture but in high resolution, enabling them to locate seismic and other exploration with greater confidence." 

Intended for regional exploration, G-Qube has a unique position within the airborne gravity survey market. G-Qube's ability to measure the longer wavelengths as well as the shorter wavelengths, will give it 4x the resolution of conventional data.