Max Petroleum Tests Success at Kazakh Field

Max Petroleum announced a drilling and operational update of its activities in its Blocks A&E license area.

Drilling Update 

The Company has completed drilling the KZI-1 exploration well on the Kyzylzhar I prospect in Block E, targeting Jurassic and Triassic formations at depths ranging from 500 to 1,200 meters. The well reached a total depth of 1,192 meters without encountering hydrocarbons and will be plugged and abandoned. 

The Sun ZJ-30 drilling rig will next move to the Zhana Makat Field to drill the ZMA-A15 development well, followed by the KAW-1 and UTS-1 exploration wells on the Karsak West prospect in Block E and the Uytas prospect on Block A, respectively.

Borkyldakty Field Appraisal 

The Company has completed production tests on the lower three of five Triassic reservoirs in the BOR-1 discovery well, all of which have produced crude oil at commercial rates ranging from 75 to 200 barrels of oil per day. The Company is currently recompleting the BOR-1 well to test a fourth reservoir in the Field, prior to the regulatory 90-day limit on production tests for exploration wells in Kazakhstan.

The Company plans to accelerate the acquisition of a 28 km2 high-fold, 3D seismic survey over the Borkyldakty Field prior to drilling additional appraisal and development wells. The 3D seismic survey will enhance the Company's ability to map the existing Triassic reservoirs in the Field, as well as evaluate an adjacent structure to determine if it is a drillable prospect. The Company expects to complete the 3D survey in the fourth quarter of 2010.