Hallin Names New Vessel

Hallin has named its new subsea operations vessel Windermere.

John Giddens, CEO, said the current market was a difficult one for the offshore industry, "2010 has seen declining contract opportunities, oversupply of equipment and an increasingly competitive marketplace.

"Add to that already poor situation the current problems for the industry resulting from the BP / Transocean blowout in the US Gulf of Mexico, and the result is the most challenging market conditions that have existed for many years.

"At Hallin when we were a listed company prior to the acquisition by Superior earlier this year and we used to talk in our investor and analyst briefings about the cyclical nature of our industry and the way that we have built Hallin around 'cost effective fit for purpose' principles that would offer modern equipment, safe operations and high quality technical solutions to our clients at a reasonable cost.

"We said that this approach would deliver good returns in good times, whilst enabling us to remain competitive in more challenging market conditions. Well, we are in those challenging times. I believe the principles remain good today – and the Windermere embraces the philosophy!

"The Windermere was developed from the experience gained on Ullswater, maintaining the cost effective fit for purpose strategy, and indeed making some improvements on it.

"Windermere is a competitively priced sub-85 meter DP2 Subsea Operations Vessel with a built-in 15 man Saturation Diving System and 120 man accommodation.

"The 1500 meter seabed plumbing AHC Knuckleboom crane is a significant improvement on Ullswater. It gives Windermere true deepwater operating capability, and she can be fitted with any of the range of Hallin's ROV systems to service deepwater operations.

"Windermere has a diesel-electric propulsion system, delivering considerable fuel cost savings for our clients, and the Voith Schneider thrusters provide some really unique handling and operating characteristics including active roll compensation.

"This feature makes Windermere unique among this class of ship, and we think clients are going to find the performance advantages delivered by the Voith's extremely attractive once they experience the benefits that this feature can deliver.

"In summary, Windermere gives Hallin the ability to deliver a high capability package to our clients at a reasonable price, making her an effective unit in the challenging market that we currently find ourselves in."