IGas Begins Drilling Ops at Keele University Park

IGas has commenced drilling operations at Keele University Science Park in North Staffordshire. 

The well was spudded on June 11 and is expected to produce gas from a lateral in the Great Row seam which is at a depth of approximately 1,757 feet from the surface and is around 11 feet thick. Following completion of the well and de-watering, a long term production test will be carried out using IGas's production testing equipment. 

Logs from IGas' well at Willoughbridge, 5.5 miles south west of this well, have shown encouraging results as to the permeability of the coals in the area. 

IGas's CEO Andrew Austin commented that, "These licenses in Staffordshire have always been an area of great interest to IGas and we look forward to seeing the productive capacity of these coals. Increased concerns over security of energy supply and the harshest winter for some 40 years in the UK has highlighted the need for the UK to produce more of its own gas resources. I am delighted to have started drilling at Keele and look forward to updating the market on the results.

IGas has the funding, the know-how and the resource base to deliver secure gas commercially to industrial customers in the UK. We are on track to establish our first full UK gas production site in 2011."