Danaos Re-Charters 3 Vessels

Danaos has re-chartered three of its vessels.

The CMA-CGM Passiflore, which has also been renamed to Henry, a 24-year-old 3,000 TEU containership, was chartered for a period of six months with an option for an additional six months period.

The Hanjin Montreal, a 26-year-old 2,130 TEU containership, was chartered for a period of up to twelve months.

The 20-year-old 3,000 TEU trio CMA CGM Elbe, CMA CGM Kalamata and CMA CGM Komodo have also been chartered for a period of one year plus a charterer's option for one plus one year following the initial chartering period.

Further, the Bunga Raya Tiga, a 6-year-old 4,253 TEU containership, was also chartered for period of 12 months.

The successful chartering of all these vessels, some of which are among the oldest vessels in Danaos' fleet, reflects the improving market conditions in the containership sector.